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Bluebridge ferry terminal

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Gabion Baskets - Solarhomes

Soho Gabion Baskets

Our gabions rock!

Build your own beautiful garden walls using local rocks.

Easy to install – no special tools required, just a few flat packed Soho Gabion BasketsTM, a pair of gloves and light-weight wire cutter or pliiers.

Just build your baskets and fill with your chosen rocks.

Reflect traditional dry stone-wall technique

If you take the time to hand-place stones with flat faces against the mesh and can create a natural interlocked pattern, your wall will reflect the traditional dry stone wall technique. Being lightweight mesh, the hot dip galvanised steel baskets are barely visible from a distance completing the illusion of a wall crafted by an expert stonemason!

Low-embodied energy solution

Even better though is the saving in time and the complete absence of mortar and concrete. This is a low embodied energy solution in a craft that has previously had a very high carbon footprint. This is achieved by:


Soho Gabion baskets are manufactured from 2.5mm steel mesh welded in 75mm rectangular grid and protected with hot dip galvanising to Galfan 255 gm/m2 specification.

Helical connectors and internal ties are hot dip galvanised.

Each standard 1000mm x 1000mm x 500mm gabion basket set comprises:

You can trim your Soho Gabion basket panels and connectors to smaller sizes with lightweight wire cutters.

Non-standard sets based on half size baskets of 1000 x 500 x 500 can be ordered for half-height or one-and-a-half-height walls.

Higher walls

Free standing walls above 1500mm in height may require cantilever timber posts at 1000mm centres concealed in their interior for added stability.

Contact us for advice.

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