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Suburban home.
Suburban home

Bluebridge ferry terminal.
Bluebridge ferry terminal

Addition to state house.
Keeping warm in suburban state house

soho ventpac.

Soho Ventpac – the natural heating and ventilation system. Keep your house fresh, warm, and healthy with automatic window openers and recirculated warm air.




Customer testimonial – house in leafy suburb

Incorporating the Solarhomes system into our renovation project has been a very sensible decision. What was previously a hot and stuffy space in summer is now cool, well ventilated and pleasant to be in. The kids also love watching the automated system working!

The five automatically opening windows on opposite sides of the house allow natural cross flow ventilation to cool the house in summer by releasing excess heat in the house. The windows close automatically in high winds or rain to keep the house weathertight even when the occupants are at work and school.

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property photo High level windows, giving cross ventilation 


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