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Soho Ventpac – the natural heating and ventilation system – with automatic window openers and efficient heat transfer fans.

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Suburban home.
Suburban home

Bluebridge ferry terminal.
Bluebridge ferry terminal

Addition to state house.
Keeping warm in suburban state house

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If it's winter on one side of your house and summer on the other, heat your cool rooms and freshen your warm rooms with a Soho Ventpac Equator.

Do you enjoy the warmth of the winter sun in your well-glazed building but swelter in summer? If so, install a Soho Ventpac Vortex to maintain a comfortable temperature and fresh air at all time.

Perhaps your solar heated spaces are so well positioned that they are often too hot, even in winter. Here's the good news – you can move the extra heat to other spaces, using a fan that will also help keep you cool in summer. Comparing comfort and cost, we have a solution that beats expensive air conditioners both winter and summer, at a fraction of the cost. Ask about a Soho Ventpac Winsum.

If your old building or new house captures great all-day sun that you would love to save for a rainy day, talk to us about a Soho Ventpac Rockstar.

Perhaps you have different comfort requirements for various rooms in your house, or they have different orientations? A single thermostat setting won't be enough, but you can manage the sun, wind, and rain to keep all spaces at their own pre-selected temperature and freshness with a Soho Ventpac Multizone.

To discover your options to improve comfort levels and minimise energy use in your new or existing building, talk to us about orientation, passive design, active heat harvesting and storage, all coordinated by smart Ventpac controls in a customised solution.


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