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Suburban home.
Suburban home

Bluebridge ferry terminal.
Bluebridge ferry terminal

Addition to state house.
Keeping warm in suburban state house

soho ventpac.

Soho Ventpac – the natural heating and ventilation system. Keep your house fresh, warm, and healthy with automatic window openers and recirculated warm air.



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Featured property, inner city cottage.
Inner city cottage

Ventpac model options


If it's winter on one side of your house and summer on the other ask us about a Soho Ventpac Equator.

With a little transfer technology, you can freshen your warm rooms and heat your cool rooms.

Stay healthy as the circulating air dries out the whole house.

Circulate warm dry air from a well-heated room to a cold, damp room. Imagine the extra heat in your living room or kitchen being automatically diverted to your cold bedroom or study.

The Soho Equator system is driven by a fan that changes the air 4–6 times every hour. All this without any perceptible draught, and without adding dust and humidity that comes with other system that draw air constantly from outside.

Most homes only need to recirculate existing air to balance temperatures and humidity, rather than draw in air from outside. The warm air removes 'dead' zones where mould and dust mites thrive.

You can add a timer and dust diverter to your Soho Ventpac Equator, so unwanted cooking smells or the smoke from your wood burner are not carried through to your bedroom.

Download info sheet Soho Ventpac Natural energy solutions for new and existing buildings (PDF, 317KB).

Contact us now about installing a Soho Ventpac Equator – suitable for an existing house or house being designed.


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