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Suburban home.
Suburban home

Bluebridge ferry terminal.
Bluebridge ferry terminal

Addition to state house.
Keeping warm in suburban state house

soho ventpac.

Soho Ventpac – the natural heating and ventilation system. Keep your house fresh, warm, and healthy with automatic window openers and recirculated warm air.




Remove unwanted hot and stale air from your house or building with an automated exhaust air system.

The Soho Ventpac Vortex has remotely controlled window and vent openers at high levels in the house to release the hot air when the present thermostat threshold is reached.

If your house doesn't have good natural convention, we can install a fan to help move the air.

The Vortex comes with a small weather station to trigger the windows and vents to close when it rains or strong winds blow.

Download info sheet Soho Ventpac Natural energy solutions for new and existing buildings (PDF 317KB).

Contact us about installing a Soho Ventpac Vortex.


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